Review: rcINpower 2305 2500kv brushless motor

Review: rcINpower 2305 2500kv brushless motor

I was really impressed with the rcinpower 1108 motors for my micro 3” quadcopter build, so I wanted to try out their motors for a 5” mini quad build. There is very little info about rninpower and their motors on the internet in english. It appears that rcinpower prices their motors close to premium competitors such as emax or t-motor in $20-24 range, so they must be selling a premium product. It just so happened that was having a promotion selling 4 rcinpower 2305 motors with a nice frame included for free for about $72, making the price per motor about $18. I ended up ordering 2500kv version which I will use in a 4S 5” quad build.

Several weeks later the motors showed up at my doorstep. These particular ones are branded as “HOBBYCOOL” on one side of the bell and “rcINpower” on the other side. The label on the side of the box said “GTS2305 V2-2500KV”.

The box is very simple, and the only accessory that comes with the motor are 4 mounting screws. The motor itself appears to be extremely high quality. The bell is anodized in a beautiful copper-red color with dark grey accents on the top of the bell. The bell is “pantless” design with windings exposed on the bottom. The part of the bell where the prop mounts has very nice barbs to prevent prop from slipping. The motor uses curved magnets and the air gap between the magnets and the stator arms is extremely tight. The bell is attached to the stator with a beefy M3 screw. The base of the motor has a bracket that stabilizes and reinforces the wires. This is useful in those rare cases when the motor or arm comes loose, so that wires will not tear off from the windings destroying the motor. The bell also has a little lip underneath the magnets that will prevent magnets from slipping and falling out.

The windings consist of single-strand wire, the motor has a 4mm hollow shaft, and the bell is made from 7075 alloy. With full length of wires attached, the weight of the motor comes out at 31.9 g. With 4 mounting screws the weight 34.1g. The motor turns with slight notchiness, indicating that this motor will likely be very smooth in flight.

Overall this motor is a very nice unit, which looks beautiful and is well constructed. I look forward to including it in an upcoming build.

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