Review: rcINpower 1108 6800kv brushless motors

Review: rcINpower 1108 6800kv brushless motors

I purchased the Hobbymate 1108 motors for a light-weight 3-inch micro quad build. My main rationale behind using 1108 motors is if I keep the weight down and run a light-weight build on 3-inch props, I would achieve a good balance between power, torque, speed, battery life and keep temperature down while using a tall stator. This seemed like a great alternative to heavier 3-inch builds that use 1306 and 1407 motors and run on 4s (but weigh close to 250g).

Motors were packaged in nice hobbymate branded box. The manufacturer of these motors is RCinPower, and they are shipped in packs of two. In each box you get two motors, and a set of accessory screws in three different sizes. I used the shortest ones to mount motors to the frame (be careful with the longer screws, if the frame is 3mm thick, you will hit the windings of the motor and destroy them). The medium sized ones work for mounting 3-inch props to the motor. Once again, if you use the longest screw with Avan props, the screw will impact the wires in the motor and destroy them. Your mileage may vary with other props. The weight of the motor with whole length of wires came out to be 8.9g. The bearings in these motors are extremely smooth and feel like ones usually found in high dollar motors. The bell spins with slight “notching” action as expected of a high-quality motor. Bells were attached with c-clips, there was no lateral or up and down play at all in any of 4 motors.

For this build, I used an 112mm frame (21g, fits 3-inch props while keeping the quad in micro category). This frame is attractive because of its weight, thick bottom plate and the ability to run 3-inch props. The build consisted of 1108 motors, 20A 4-in-1 ESC, F3 FC with OSD, matek buzzer, and BA3 AIO camera. Props were Avan 3024 3-inch 3-blades. I used GNB 550 and 450 mah 2S batteries. With no battery attached, the quad weighted 88.2g, with 450mah battery, the final weight came out to be 117.1g and with 550mah battery, the quad weighed 125g.

The motors are extremely smooth and quiet. Throttle response is excellent. The controllability, power and speed are much improved compared to my 2.5 in builds. This one actually feels a lot like a mini quad. The ability to run bigger props on these 1108 motors I think are the key to good flight characteristics. I experienced good battery life (2.5-4 min) on 2S and motors come down slightly warm. feel like 1108 motors on 2S with 3-inch props on a very light build are a great match. Next I would like to try these on 3S with slightly lighter props such as gemfan 3025.

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