Review: HOBBYMATE (HOBBYCOOL) Comet VX220 frame

Review: HOBBYMATE (HOBBYCOOL) Comet VX220 frame

I did not originally intend to buy this frame, instead, it was included for free with the hobbymate (rcINpower) 2305 motors that I bought from hobbycool at the end of 2018. Originally I wanted to use the motors on a martian KISS build, which I ended up not doing, because I decided to make the KISS build run on 6S battery. Therefore, I decided to use the 2305 motors with the freebie frame that was included with them (build details in another post).

This frame appears to be marketed as a premium product, priced at $49 (I believe it is available on amazon now for this price from HOBBYMATE). The frame came in a standard HOBBYMATE cardboard box, with parts loose and hardware in a plastic baggie. The carbon in this frame is of very good quality, arms are chamfered and cut correctly (to optimize the strength). The frame itself appears to be suitable for a light-weight build, as the arms are thick, but not very wide. The design is pretty typical of frames these days, with arms being held between two sandwich plates and 4 standoffs mounted on top of that. The 4 arms do not interlock, instead there is a gap in the bottom “sandwich” between the two front and back arms. The two front arms and two back arms interlock each other. The four of the bottom screws that hold the arms are recessed, however the other two are standard screws, so a silicone pad will still be required to not drive screw heads into the battery. The stack screws are very long, so the stack will have to be mounted with threaded spacers rather than more standard standoffs. The camera mount will only fit micro-sized camera. The frame overall is kind of similar in its design to Nidici Black Pearl frame that was sold on amazon.

Here are the dimensions of the frame:

Arms5.2-5.4 mm thick x 8.4 mm wide
Bottom plate2.05 mm
Sandwich plate (bottom)1.98 mm
Top plate1.97 mm
Camera mounts1.95 mm
Distance between stand-offs70 mm
Weight85 g

What I like about this frame:

  • Quality of the carbon is very good, it  feels very strong and solid, arms cut correctly. The frame’s strength is to be actually determined after some flight and crash testing.
  • The frame also has a very nice amount of room to install all the components without feeling crammed. The distance between front and back standoffs is 70mm, which is a lot for the frame of this type.
  • The stack screws are long, which allows to mount all the stack components directly to them, without messing with plastic or brass standoffs.
  • The frame is lightweight and appears to be decently aerodynamic.
  • The bottom screws are nice and recessed.
  • There is a very nice gap in between front and back arms to run a battery strap through.

What I don’t like about this frame:

  • The tips of the arms do not provide very good protection to the motors, and there are only 3 mounting holes for motor screws.
  • The design of stack mount may be prone to vibrations from the motors (single screw).
  • Shorter screws to mount the stack more typical way (standoffs) are not included in the kit.
  • For some odd reason six of the bottom screws are recessed, while four others are not – this defeats the purpose of using recessed screws in the first place.
  • Camera mount allows for a micro camera only. This could be a problem when it comes to reusing mini form factor cameras. However, micro camera is more suitable for a light build which this frame clearly arms for.
  • The design where the four arms do not interlock with each other results in a frame that exhibits more flex.

I look forward to building this one up and trying it out to see how it holds up to abuse of such a relative beginner like myself.

You can get this frame from amazon:

Or from hobbycool:

As of 2/15/2019 it looks like you can still get the frame for free if you buy 4 of these motors. Just include the frame in the cart. These motors are great.

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