Review: TopSky Prime 1S FPV goggles

Review: TopSky Prime 1S FPV goggles

TopSky Prime 1S are a new attempt by topsky to produce an affordable product for those who do not want to pay a lot of money for fatsharks. They are a bit of a hybrid between fat-shark style compact binocular goggles and old-style box goggles. I bought mine from HOBBYMATE seller (dealxtreme4u) on amazon.

These goggles have two 640×480 screens with field of view at 86 degrees which are focused on the eyeballs with binocular effect. The goggles have adjuster knobs for diopter and ipd (58-72mm of adjustment), so they can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of eyes. The ipd adjustment moved the lenses closer together or farther apart, while the diopter adjustment moved the screens towards or away from the eyeballs. I have wide-set eyes and I am slightly farsighted, so I set my IPD at 72mm and the diopter adjustment at max forward. These settings work fine for me. I did not have any issues with fit on these TopSkys like I do with some of the other goggles that come from china.

The goggles

The goggles come in a neat box with two linear antennas (diversity receiver), extra face foam, extra velcro for attaching the face foam, a nice usb cable and a microfiber cloth included. From what i’ve seen on the web, other sellers did not include any antennas, but the hobbymate unit came with them included. The battery (5V, 2000 mah) is integrated into the goggles, so the USB cable must be plugged into the goggles to charge the battery. The goggles also have an AV IN input, so they can be hooked up to a computer to play a sim and a headphone jack for sound if you like to fly with sound coming from the mic on the quad. Internal OSD is controlled by two joysticks – left one for things like brightness, contrast and color gains. This makes the internal menus very easy to control.

Control on the left side of the upper panel include search button to auto-search the active channels, and two dedicated buttons to cycle through channels and bands. Left side of the upper panel has DVR controls and the power switch. DVR is very easy to use – just hit the record button and the DVR will record in 30 min chunks in. DVR works great, and records video that can be reviewed on goggles – makes it easy to find your quad if the battery has been ejected. DVR will not take an SD card larger than 32gb. The card also has to be formatted in FAT32 file system. If not, the goggles will detect the card, but no DVR will be recorded.

These are awesome goggles that emulate fat sharks at a pretty inexpensive price point. I wish these were available a year ago when I was starting out. Wide field of view and DVR make them great. You might want to buy upgraded antennas to take advantage of true diversity (a directional for one side, omni-directional for the other side) to improve performance of the video receiver. I recommend them to anybody getting into FPV who is looking for a good pair of binocular-type goggles.

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